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​Traceability activities provide our distributors with valuable opportunities to directly contact the RB Group Science center. Through this event, the relationship between distributors and manufacturers was brought closer. So that our dealers have a more comprehensive and profound understanding of the brand. At the same time, I have a deeper understanding of the product development process and efficacy. It will play a positive role in promoting the sales of Schiff & MoveFree products in the future.


Conversation with Scientist at the factory


MoveFree Product Label Production


Group Picture Between R&B Scientists and Vchoice Team


Factory Production Assembly Line


Factory Production Assembly Line



Live Streaming on-site

Warehouse Live Streaming Events

Vchoice regularly invites live streamers to our 20,000 square feet Vchoice warehouse in Los Angeles for live product showcases. Leveraging our unique geographical advantage, we aim to provide consumers with a more intuitive understanding of our products and enhance brand trust. Our live streamers seamlessly integrate with the products, employing a combination of in-depth explanations and promotions to highlight their unique features and advantages. This matrix-style operation not only enables us to effectively integrate resources and build an ecosystem but also creates a win-win opportunity for live streamers and consumers.


Live streaming on-site


Live streaming on-site


Live streaming on-site

Supermarket Activity

To deeply penetrate the Chinese consumer market, Vchoice conducted multiple targeted offline promotional activities in major shopping malls and supermarkets located in the Chinese district of Los Angeles in 2022. Through booth displays, posters, and product showcases, we provided one-on-one product introductions to customers, integrating our products with their lifestyles. This approach allowed us to deeply understand customer needs and provide them with more choices, thereby enhancing brand trust and awareness among potential consumers.

Furthermore, we expanded and developed our customer base and product chain comprehensively. This event enabled us to consolidate our advantageous position in the Chinese market, improve resource utilization efficiency, achieve mutual benefits and optimization within the ecosystem. It also showcased our professional expertise in the vertical industry to the outside world.

Through these efforts, we have successfully established a strong foothold in the Chinese consumer market, solidified our position as a trusted brand, and demonstrated our proficiency in the vertical field.


MoveFree product display

staff on-site are patiently introducing the products


MoveFree product display

staff on-site are patiently introducing the products

MoveFree product display

staff on-site are patiently introducing the products


In the past year, RB Group and Vchoice held three product promotion conferences in three cities in the United States (New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco). The successful holding of the promotion conference helped the Schiff & MoveFree brand greatly increase brand awareness in the Chinese community. In addition, the purchasing agent group has a deeper understanding of MoveFree products, which has brought closer the relationship between brand owners and distributors. While increasing product sales, it has driven the growth of the brand.


Group photo of the MoveFree brand promotion conference in New York


Group photo of the MoveFree brand promotion conference in Los Angeles


Group photo of the MoveFree brand promotion conference in San Francisco

​Models and guests at the promotion meeting

MoveFree products display


MoveFree products display

Promotion Activities at the Chinese Business Community

Vchoice also actively participates in major exhibitions, increasing brand exposure and enabling more consumers to learn about the brand background and product benefits.


Exhibition booth


Exhibition booth

Numerous consumers are stopping to learn about the products

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