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Reckitt was founded in 1819 and is a leading company in the cleaning and health products industry. The company owns a wide range of brands and offers various products, including:



Move Free is a professional bone and joint health care brand from the United States. Its products feature a scientific formula with glucosamine and various effective ingredients. Designed for different individuals, Move Free products are known for their ability to effectively prevent or alleviate pain, enhance lubrication, repair joints, and help consumers regain joint health.

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Schiff, founded in the United States in 1936, has a rich history of over 80 years. The company is dedicated to research and development, offering high-quality nutritional supplements. It is a leading player in the natural supplementation industry and is highly regarded and trusted by consumers in the United States. Schiff is known for its commitment to innovation and has earned a reputation as a reputable and well-reviewed brand.

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Digestive Advantage 

​Digestive Advantage offers a unique nutritional formulation with a survival rate 100 times higher than the standard 500 billion CFU (colony-forming units). This high survival rate ensures better effectiveness in relieving mild abdominal discomfort and addressing digestive health issues. Digestive Advantage provides an ideal solution for daily and specific gastrointestinal health needs, effectively promoting digestive wellness.

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Biofreeze was established in 1985 and is recognized as the leading pain relief brand in the United States. Its products are specifically designed for the management of acute and chronic pain, as well as pre- and post-exercise or surgical pain. With 25 years of clinical research experience, Biofreeze is highly trusted by healthcare professionals and athletes. Biofreeze is available in gel and spray forms and utilizes innovative cryotherapy technology to provide fast-acting pain relief to muscles and joints without causing any harm to the skin or lungs.

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Intíma is the leading brand in intimate care in France, specializing in intimate hygiene. As a trusted choice of millions of French women, intima has earned its reputation as a quality and scientifically backed brand. It has been a top-seller in Europe and has been highly favored for its commitment to women's intimate health. With 30 years of experience, intima focuses on meeting the daily care needs of women and ensuring their well-being in this sensitive area.

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MegaRed specializes in maintaining cardiovascular and brain health through natural scientific methods. Its primary ingredients are derived from pure Antarctic krill, containing natural phospholipid-based unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and natural astaxanthin. These natural components contribute to the nourishment and revitalization of cardiovascular and brain health, promoting vitality in these areas.

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neuriva is a specialized brain health brand from the United States. It is known for its expertise in developing products that support brain function. neuriva's proprietary ingredient, NeuroFactor, has been clinically tested and shown to increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) by 143%. This significant boost in BDNF levels stimulates brain activity, enhances various cognitive functions, and supports overall brain health. neuriva aims to provide consumers with improved brain health and well-being.

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Airborne is a reputable American brand that specializes in supporting consumer immune health. It focuses on providing nutritional support to enhance immune function. With its unique herbal formula, Airborne effectively boosts the body's immune system, helping consumers maintain a strong and healthy immune system.


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Lysol, with a history of 130 years in the home disinfection industry, is a renowned brand dedicated to researching and developing household cleaning products with a focus on sterilization and disinfection. Its products are capable of killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on both hard and soft surfaces. Lysol provides effective and reliable solutions for maintaining a clean and germ-free home environment.

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        Bayer, founded in 1863, is a Fortune Global 500 company with core competencies in the fields of healthcare, nutrition, and life sciences.

One A Day 


ONE A DAY, abbreviated as "OAD," is the top-selling multivitamin brand in the United States and is part of the Bayer Group, one of the Fortune Global 500 companies with 156 years of pharmaceutical experience. OAD offers tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of different demographics, providing precise and professional nutritional formulas. With a scientifically balanced blend of 21 essential nutrients, OAD extracts its ingredients from natural plants to supply the body with a wide range of necessary nutrients. Its brand philosophy and health products have gained popularity worldwide, promoting wellness and a healthy lifestyle among consumers.

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H&H Group, established in 1999, is a leading company in the field of premium nutrition and health. Its mission is to become a global industry leader. The group owns four major high-end brands worldwide: Swisse, Biostime (also known as Healthy Times), and Dodie.

In 2018, Vchoice became the largest distributor of Swisse products in the United States.

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SSwisse, founded in the late 1950s in Melbourne, Australia, is a pioneer in the field of natural medicine and healthcare. All Swisse products source their ingredients from the most trusted suppliers and strive to use the highest quality natural materials rather than synthetic chemicals.

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