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Empowering Health Every Day
One A Day

In the past couple of years, everyone has experienced a very unique period. Now, as our lives are returning to normal, more and more people are focusing on their health and well-being. Strengthening the immune system, improving physical fitness, and enhancing metabolic health have become key areas of interest. This is where we introduce you to One A Day, a comprehensive vitamin brand under Bayer that is dedicated to personal nutrition.


One A Day

As a nutrition brand under Bayer, One A Day has been dedicated to quality and scientific excellence for over 80 years. It is recognized as the number one brand of multivitamins for adults in the United States, focusing on personal nutrition. Being a part of Bayer, One A Day benefits from the century-long expertise and research patents of its parent company, making it a trusted and beloved choice among consumers.

What does One A Day have?

  1. Base Nutrition : Men's and Women's Multivitamins, Women's Metabolism Multivitamins, Men's and Women's 50+ Multivitamins.

  2. Functional Foods : Real Fruit Pulp Multivitamins for Men, Women, and Children.

  3. Niche Segment : Men's Anti-Fatigue Ginseng Multivitamins, Plant-Based Stress Relief and Deep Sleep Tablets, Anti-Sugar Skin Beautifying Pills.


Why choose multi-vitamins

  1. Vitamins are essential micronutrients that the human body requires but cannot produce on its own. They need to be obtained through dietary supplementation. Multivitamins contain a variety of essential nutrients that are necessary for the body, allowing for comprehensive supplementation of micronutrients and promoting overall health through simple intake.

  2. Multivitamins assist the body in enhancing its immune system and resilience through the provision of different nutrients. They support healthy bodily functions and facilitate energy storage.

  3. By taking multivitamins, the overall improvement in the body's condition, work performance, and learning efficiency can be achieved more comprehensively compared to the intake of individual vitamins alone.

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Applied Group

Individuals with malnutrition or multiple vitamin deficiencies, those who wish to maintain their daily health, and individuals with high work or study-related stress.

After going through a recent extraordinary period, it is even more important for everyone to supplement their daily lives with a variety of vitamins. Developing a habit of daily nutritional supplementation can help improve overall health.


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